Orders from Shopee will be updated in Shopify in 20 minutes depending on the order status. The Shopee order will be passed to Shopify.

Step 1: Select "Orders" from the left column.

Step 2: Select the order that you would like to fulfil.

Step 3: Click "Print documents". When the order is shipped, OMNA completes Shopify order and marks it as "Fulfilled".

In the event that the orders are cancelled, the order will be cancelled in Shopify too.

  • Orders in Shopify correspond to orders generated in sales channels you have configured before. Whenever an order is created in these marketplaces, it will be sent automatically to Shopify. 
  • Orders in Shopify are updated every time there is a change in their original marketplaces until the orders have reached shipped status.
  • All orders are sent to Shopify when they get PackedByMarketplace status. The order is created in Shopify with Unfulfilled status. The order is updated on marketplaces automatically as it moves through different order stages in Shopify.
  • All orders are created in Shopify with Unfulfilled status automatically by OMNA.