Step 1: 

-Select the "Products" tab on OMNA's home page


Step 2: 

-Search and/or select the product that you would like to enable the sync for

Step 3: 

-Click the sales channel you would like to enable the product on (i.e. Shopee).

Step 4: 

-Click "Enable", then click "Ok" when prompted.

Step 5: 

-Once your product has been successfully enabled onto the respective marketplace, select the relevant category and fill in the required fields (specified with an "*") below then click "Submit" at the bottom.

Step 6: 

-Once the process has been completed, please log into the Shopee seller centre and check that the product has been successfully listed.

***IMPORTANT: Shopee does not allow for images in the product description. If there are images, the product will not be successfully listed on Shopee. Hence, please ensure that there are no embedded images in the product description under the Shopee tab.