For the OMNABot Telegram Store Alert to work, you would first need to download the OMNA Application. To find out how to download and set it up, click here.

OMNA will import your marketplace orders to Shopify. It will also sync product and inventory changes across your selected channels. For further instructions on how to connect your marketplaces to OMNA, you may click here.

Once you have done the above, you may follow these steps to install and setup the OMNABot Telegram Store Alert:

Step 1: Select "Apps" from the left column

Step 2: Click "Visit Shopify App Store"

Step 3: Search for "OMNABot Telegram Store Alert" and add the app to your store

Step 4: Check the boxes of the type(s) of notifications you would like to receive then click "Connect"

Step 5: Follow the instructions as stated. *Please note that this is just an example and you will receive a different verification code.

Step 6: (1) Search for OMNA_bot in your Telegram App. (2) Type and send "/start", followed by the verification code specified. (3) You will see the confirmation message once the OMNABot App is connected with your Telegram. 

Step 7: You should also see "Installation Completed" and "Connected" on the your OMNABot App page on Shopify.

You will start receiving your selected type(s) of notifications!