Generally, OMNA will send the inventory to the respective marketplaces when the products are connected with the various marketplace domains.

Step 1: Access this URL https://(your_domain_store)/admin/settings/locations , add a stock location if you have not already done so.

Step 2: Click "Apps" from left column. Select OMNA from your Installed Apps. Then click "Setup".

Step 3: Select the marketplace tab (e.g. Shopee), and connect your marketplace store to OMNA if you have not already done so. (You may look at our other articles on how to connect the various marketplaces to OMNA).

Step 4: Authorise the connection

Step 5: Next, select "Products" from the left column. Then select the Shopify product that you want to publish on your marketplace store.

Step 6: Edit the "Location" and "Quantity" accordingly.

OMNA will send the inventory quantity to the marketplace immediately. The marketplace store will reflect the updated location and quantity.