1. In order to list product and manage order on Qoo10 through OMNA, you would need to obtain your account's API key. Qoo10 does not make this API key easily available.

  2. Your store needs to achieve a "Good Seller" rating

    To achieve a “Good Seller” rating, you need to have an accumulated transaction value of over SGD $10,000 and must not have a service rating with (-) negative value.

  3. Drop us an email at support@omna.io with the following details:

    Subject: Request for Qoo10 API - {{Insert Qoo10 Store URL}}


    Dear Qoo10 / OMNA,

    I would like to request for the API key and authorise OMNA Pte Ltd to act on my behalf to obtain the API key from Qoo10.

    My details are as follow:

    - Qoo10 Seller ID :
    - Contact person :
    - Contact email :
    - What are the products you are/intending to sell? Please provide a sample product URL/image/product name:
    - What are the number of unique products you are intending to list?
    - Your Shopify Store URL:

    Best Regards,

  4. Upon receiving your email, we will reach out to Qoo10 seller technical support to retrieve your API key. Typically it could take up to a week to obtain the API key.

  5. After OMNA has received the API key, we will reply to your email with the details in which you could then input into your OMNA app.