1. Head over to OMNA Setting tab, and click on "Shopee"

    Select the Domain which is the country that your Shopee seller account belongs to. Then select your Shopify Stock Location that you would want to sync your Shopee product inventory with.

    After which, press on "Connect"

  2. You would be re-directed to Shopee Open Platform for authorisation

    Select your country, which must be the same option that you selected in OMNA's domain. Then fill up your Shopee seller credentials. Click on "Login"

    Press "Yes" to authorise OMNA.

  3. You would be redirected back to OMNA

    If you see the message "Is connected" then congratulations, you have successfully link your Shopee account with OMNA. Fill up the default properties which would be used for your product listing.

    Now you can start to list your Shopify products on Shopee