We're really excited to share some new enhancements on our OMNA platform this month.

  1. New Pricing Plan

    2% transaction fee has now been removed with immediate effect! Enjoy the benefits of OMNA at a more affordable price today.

    For the full details of our new pricing plan, visit our website for more information.

    Existing customers can enjoy the latest pricing, by selecting and confirming the new billing plans as follow:

  2. Faster User Interface

    We have re-built the back-end for the user-interface to improve the page load speed and various speed enhancements. You should see an immediate improvement in most tasks that are done on OMNA

  3. Improved Qoo10 Integration

    Fixed some minor bugs and enhancement for Qoo10 platform

  4. New Onboarding Emails

    We will now send you guided emails to help you get onboard OMNA in the shortest time. Should you need any help, do drop us a note and we would reach out right away.

  5. Lazada Product Status Now Shown In OMNA

    Green Label: Product was successfully uploaded to Lazada

    Blue Label: Product is enabled for listing to Lazada, but still missing certain properties. Kindly complete the missing properties before it can be published.

    Red Label: There is an error when uploading the product to Lazada. Open up the product form to see the error message. Fix the error and re-submit the product to upload it on Lazada

  6. Customize Product Description On Lazada

    While we automatically import in the product description from Shopify. We understand that some users would prefer to have the ability to customize the product description for marketplaces (eg Lazada). Hence, we now allow you to either use the default Shopify product description or set your own description on a product level!

What's Next?

  1. Shopee Integration

    We are currently testing Shopee integration with a few of our customers and will be releasing this integration to all users soon.

  2. Lazada Integration

    Currently, we only support Lazada Singapore & Malaysia. We are working hard to integrate the rest of the Lazada countries onto OMNA.